Consulting Overview

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Capital Square consultants enable business customers around the world to solve complex technical challenges with the aid of Capital Square technology.

Capital Square consultants are technical strategists who work closely with the CEOs, CIOs, and engineers who come to us for specific technical solutions. These professionals evaluate, design, and implement enterprise infrastructures and IT-based business solutions, often working on-site to help customers deploy their solutions.

The department offers top-notch IT experts the chance to gain serious ground on their professional goals. Opportunities in Microsoft Consulting span the segments listed below. Operating out of more than 100 field offices in the United States and worldwide, these positions can be an opportunity to work for Microsoft without relocating. Consulting personnel enjoy the freedom to move around, build skills on Enterprise-level system configurations, and expand their career-critical experience.

Industry Verticals

Provides industry-specific consulting services in the areas of financial services, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and the public sector.

Strategic Consulting

Provides clients with strategic IT business solutions using the Microsoft product suites.

Technical Management

Provides industry and professional-development resources to internal consulting teams.

Technical Pre-Sales

Provides pre-sales engineering support to clients, helping customers realize their potential.

Collaborate with clients to help them realize their visions and create tangible value

Collaborate with clients to help them realize their visions and create tangible value

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