Enterprise Asset Management

All companies are dependent on critical assets - these assets have a direct and significant impact on corporate performance. Asset Management is the process that helps organizations to automate the complete asset life cycle management process from the time they decide to purchase an asset to the time they decide to retire it. Birlasoft has set-up a dedicated Asset Management Group to consolidate the domain and functional experience of various projects done in different geographies and accounts in the Asset Management domain.

The Asset Management practice of Birlasoft has a strong process focus and has the right mix of business analysts, domain experts, product implementers and solution architects. The team consists of product-trained consultants, and consultants with rich domain knowledge gathered over the years through professional experience.

Enterprise Asset Management is a comprehensive approach that enables organizations to manage the complete life cycle of assets including planning, procurement, deployment, tracking, maintenance and retirement.

Asset life cycle management has four distinct phases - buy, track, manage, and sell. These phases involve every aspect of an asset including labor, equipment, and inventory. Each of these phases has opportunities for a company to improve the return on investment on their assets.

Enterprise Asset Management solutions are a critical need for asset intensive industries like manufacturing, pharma, utilities (power, water, sewerage etc), vehicle maintenance companies, and those with complicated systems (hospital services, building services etc.).

  • System Study on Asset Management of the client.
  • Provides framework/tools to automate processes in Asset Procurement and Management.
  • Provide a framework and mechanism to undertake and manage contracts with vendors and to Automate Procurement Processes.
  • Setup mechanisms/processes for Inventory Management and Plant Maintenance.
  • Provide mechanisms for Asset Usage Optimization for a better return on investment on the asset by full charge back capabilities and total cost of ownership visibility.
  • Provide a framework for integrating an organization's Asset Management Tool with ERP Packages and/or other tools.
  • Auditing Implementation of their Enterprise Asset Management Package.
  • Suggesting Best Practices.
  • Version Upgrades.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities.

Collaborate with clients to help them realize their visions and create tangible value

Collaborate with clients to help them realize their visions and create tangible value

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