We understand that the business solutions that we provide should satisfy not only our clients but also their clients. Hence we follow a robust development model starting from analysis of the business requests to the delivery of the solution. A glimpse of our working framework is as below: 1 System Study: Once the client sends a request to our company, we start the execution process. The first stage is our systems study; it involves understanding the client's needs from the web site, identifying his expectations and discovering new possibilities.

The first stage is more about talk with the client and a better understanding of what he needs. We need to identify the client's :

  • TA (Target Audience);
  • Associates, Clients and Other People whom the site caters to;
  • Domain name he likes and alternative domain names;
  • Set of information that he wishes to divulge in the web site;
  • Required extent of technical expertise and interactivity in the site :
  • Requirement of Flash Animation (just a presentation, parts of site or a full flash version).
  • Requirement of Database, the number of forms and the extent of concentration on it.
  • Is it going to be an information-based; interaction-based or promotion-based site?

Difference between information-based, interaction-based and promotion-based sites :

Information : The web site will act as an information distribution tool. A substantial amount of the company's information assets will be available on the site for anyone who is interested in the company's profile and activities. The web site can substantially cut cost and time involved in answering inquiries and providing information.

Interaction :Being on the web means opening a new global channel of interaction with the audience. Businesses and individuals will be able to interact with the company's staff directly. This opportunity should be utilized for better customer service and better understanding of market feedback.

Promotion : Promotion of new services is one of the web site's objectives. Promotion means providing information in any active manner. In this sense, many advertising strategies used by the company can be utilised for this function. More and more people in the world are getting connected to the Internet, which means that promotion on the web makes sense.

Collaborate with clients to help them realize their visions and create tangible value

Collaborate with clients to help them realize their visions and create tangible value

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