Strategic Consulting

Big-Picture Solutions Technology continues to pioneer new ways to buy, sell, and process customer information online. It's no longer about overnight success; it's about new and established organizations enhancing their customer services with online information and sales.

Our clients can range from large-enterprise corporations to smaller, independent companies in vertical categories. They rely on our DNA consultants for technological expertise in designing and launching infrastructure, development, .NET, and database systems.

While Capital Square is best known to the public for our products, large-enterprise customers primarily call on us to craft and implement solutions. Microsoft Consultants are familiar with the spectrum of Microsoft technology and know how to integrate individual products into a conceptual whole for our customers. The results: streamlined processes that scale to the enterprise level; efficiency; economy.

Capital Square consultants craft big picture projects and work with teams of multifaceted individuals to make them happen. This is a job where all your strengths - technological know-how, strong analytical skills, well-rounded business experience, and a flair for customer satisfaction - come into play. Your solutions utilize Microsoft technology for substantially improved efficiency and reliability. This is bold, mission-critical problem-solving that requires confident, visionary people who can communicate ideas effectively.

Collaborate with clients to help them realize their visions and create tangible value

Collaborate with clients to help them realize their visions and create tangible value

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